Friday, August 1, 2008

Guangzhou - Hotter than Alabama!

It's hard to believe that a place can be hotter and muggier than Alabama in August, but we found it. Guangzhou has been unbelievably hot. So hot, they seem to bottle sweat here! We have all truly sweat buckets here. Thankfully, we got a bit of a respite yesterday as some rain moved in and cooled it down a bit. The show has been held in a gorgeous theatre called Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Sun Yat-Sen is known as the father of modern China and the hall is in his honor. From the outside, it looks like a huge Chinese palace. Guangzhou is a fun city with all kinds of things to see. It is said that they eat anything that lives and breaths here and they sell them live in the markets. It is also a great place to buy pearls. We got some incredible deals. Tomorrow we fly to Fuzhou, then on to Macau from there. We found out recently that the tour is going to end after Macau. Everyone was a bit sad as the show is really amazing, but with the Olympics and the earthquake, bookings have been difficult. They hope to remount the show, but that remains to be seen. Zachary and I are going to spend a little over a week in Thailand before we come home on September 2.

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Julia van Eekelen said...

Hey Zachary and Carter!

How are yall? I am doing really good! I have been ready all of yall blogs. Zachary I am very proud of you!! What a great adventure it must have been! I have to write all an email soon to tell yall what I ve been up to these past months.. I hope to hear from you soon!